Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations

Oral presentations at the ICST 2017 will be held on both days of the conference in parallel symposia sessions. Presenters will have the opportunity to present their research to an audience of like-minded colleagues, while participants will be able to attend any presentation in the symposium of their choice.

Poster presentations

Both presenters and attendants alike are encouraged to participate in the ANNUM and OMICS symposia's poster sessions, which will be held in the ballroom and in front of the parallel rooms during each coffee break.

Oral presentation guidelines

Oral presentations will be held in panels with multiple presenters per session. Each presenter will be allocated 15 minutes to deliver their presentation (we suggest a 10-minute presentation length, with 5 minutes left for audience questions. Based on the allocated presentation time, the presentation file should contain approximately 10–12 PowerPoint slides. Presenters are responsible for the content of their presentation.

Each session will have a moderator, with one or more committee members in attendance. The following will be available for presenters to use during their presentation:

  • Laptop
  • Projector and screen
  • Single screen
  • Microphone
  • Laser pointer

Submitting your presentation file

All presenters are required to submit their presentation file during registration on the first day of the conference. Computers will be provided for this purpose in front of the conference room. It is not possible to use your own computer for your presentation.

  • Your presentation file should be in a format compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (or earlier).
  • Bring your presentation on a USB memory stick or CD-ROM. Facilities will not be provided for other submission methods.
  • We highly recommend that you keep a backup of your presentation file on a second USB stick or CD-ROM.
  • Please do not embed videos in your presentation.

Download guidelines

Poster guidelines

Poster sessions at the ICST 2017 will comprise short presentations of up to five minutes. Posters must be ready on the first day of the conference. We highly encourage attendants to participate in fellow presenters' poster presentations; however, they should be ready with their own poster at their scheduled presentation time.

Poster preparation

Please note when preparing your poster:

  • Size of the poster should be A0; i.e. 46.8 inches by 33.1 inches (1189×841 mm).
  • Poster should be in portrait orienation.
  • Poster should be readable at a distance of 1–2 m, with a line spacing of 1.5 or 2.

Include the following in your poster:

  • Title of your poster
  • Your name, faculty advisor’s name, names of collaborators, and name of department
  • Introduction (or Objectives)
  • Methods
  • Results (of Findings)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments (if necessary)

Maximize the impact of your poster

Maximize the impact of your poster by making it easier to read. We recommend adhering to the following:

  • Use high contrast; i.e. dark text on light background or light text on dark background.
  • Use only two or three colors; too many colors can be distracting.
  • Remove information that is not relevant to the topic to avoid large blocks of text.
  • Use bold or italics to emphasize a point instead of underlining.
  • Suggested font sizes and styles:
    • Main title: 78 pt (bold, uppercase)
    • Author names: 72 pt (bold, title case)
    • Affiliation: 48 pt (normal, title case)
    • Email address: 36 pt (bold)
    • Headings: 36 pt (bold, uppercase)
    • Body of text: 24 pt
    • Citations and acknowledgments: 22 pt or lower